Practice Driving lessons in České Budějovice in English

Refresh your driving skills in our driving school with our practice lessons. Practice lessons are intended for all owners of driver's licenses who feel unsure about their skills behind the wheel. They will allow you to regain your confidence without stress and under the guidance of an experienced instructor. We offer practice lessons both in České Budějovice.


The practice lessons are meant for people who:

  • Need to improve their driving skills
  • Need to practice driving through a particular route in České Budějovice
  • Don't drive often or regularly and need to refresh their skills every now and then
  • Don't feel safe when driving or are unsure about certain intersections in their city


How the lessons work:

  • The time and route of the lesson is always customized to fit your personal requirements and demands
  • Driving practice in a passenger car, anything from the very basics to driving in demanding, heavy traffic in the city centers
  • Parking practice (in your own chosen location if desired)
  • Driving through a route of your choosing


Practice lesson pricing in České Budějovice in English

  • 1 lesson (45 minutes) ............ 450 Kč
  • 6 lesson package ................ 2 500 Kč
  • 10 lesson package .............. 4 000 Kč
  • 1 hour of theoretical consultation ................ 300 Kč


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