Driving school in České Budějovice

Are you looking for a driving school in České Budějovice with excellent reviews? We will teach you to drive safely and with confidence. We will adapt the lesson schedule to your needs. The price of the course can be paid in several payments if needed. Fifteen years of experience and hundreds of satisfied graduates serve as a guarantee of the quality of our driving school. We are patient and understanding of those who have never sat behind the steerwheel before and are wary of their first drive. We are situated in the city center of České Budějovice.


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Advantages of Driving School Vacek

  • Great reviews and 20 years of experience are a guarantee of proper, high quality driving training
  • We are patient and understanding of beginners with no driving experience
  • The price of the course can be divided into several payments to lighten the load on your budget
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers
  • Flexible scheduling, we will adapt to your work or school schedule
  • Accessible locations in the city center of České Budějovice
  • Non-smoking instructor :)


Group B driver's license (passenger car up to 3.5 tons)

The most common type of driver's license, upon acquiring it you are qualified to drive:

  • motorized vehicles up to 3.5 tons with up to 8 seats (plus driver) and group A1 vehicles with automatic transmission (motorcycles up to 125 ccm and tricycles up to 15 kW).

What is included in the course? (law 247/2000)

  • 28 lessons of driving practice (45 minutes per lesson, usually 14 lessons á 90 minutes)
  • Theory lessons (traffic regulations and signs, first aid basics, safe driving principles, car maintenance...)
  • Mock exams

How does the course work?

  • the practical part of the course happens in the car, under the supervision of an experienced and understanding instructor. First, the student needs to learn about the basic controls of the car, try them out while the car is standing still and then, finally, it's time to start driving and learning in practice. We start off in parts of the city with minimal traffic, but eventually you'll learn how to navigate even the most complicated and busy intersections. At the end of the course, you should be perfectly prepared for the final exams. The practical part of the course consists of 28 lessons, 45 minutes each. In practice, it's often better to merge two lessons together, resulting in a total of fourteen 90-minute driving sessions.
  • Theory lessons in the classroom, where we will go through all of the necessary topics: traffic rules, solving traffic situations, traffic signs, first aid, car maintenance and more. The lesson schedule is always arranged so that it doesn't conflict with the students' existing schedules.
  • Our goal is not only to prepare you for the final exams, but to truly teach you how to drive well.