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České Budějovice

Price list - driving school in English

The price includes a complete lesson course with an individualized schedule according to the law #247/2000 and the first exam.

valid from 1.1.2021

Group B driver's license

České Budějovice

Standard course (approx. 2 months) in English

The price can be divided into separate payments if requested. The last payment has to be completed before the student can enter the final exams.

16 999 Kč

Additional lessons

Every driving lesson above the normal lesson plan

500 Kč

Individual theory lesson above the normal lesson plan

400 Kč

Repeated driving exam

500 Kč

Absence on driving lesson without an apology (45 minutes)

To call or to send an apology is necessary min. one day before.

200 Kč

Refresher lessons for license owners

1 lesson package (45 minutes)

600 Kč

6 lessons package

3 000 Kč

10 lessons package

5 000 Kč

In addition, it's necessary to pay an administrative fee to the municipal office

First exam (traffic laws + driving)

700 Kč

Repeated theoretical exam

100 Kč

Repeated driving exam

400 Kč

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