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Fill out the following registration form (address must be identical to the adress on your residence permit or other form of official ID).

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For filling all these documents is important to write the same address mentioned in Czech residence permition or on the similar document.

For foreigners it's necessary to proof the following before asking for the license after successfully completing the exam

Act 361/2000, §2, hh):
the usual place of residence within the territory of the Czech Republic means the place of permanent residence of a natural person within the territory of the Czech Republic, or if a natural person does not have permanent residence within the territory of the Czech Republic, the place where the natural person:

1. has stayed for at least 185 days in a calendar year because of personal relations, which particularly means life in a common household, family relations, ownership or lease of real estate and/or because of running a business, performance of another gainful activity or dependent work within the territory of the Czech Republic, or where the natural person

2. stays because of personal relations and returns to such a place regularly, although he/she is running a business, or performing another gainful activity or dependent work in another country, unless such an activity in another country is limited to a definite period.

Print out the certificate of medical eligibility and have it confirmed by your physician.

Print out the registration form ON BOTH SIDES OF ONE PAPER and fill it out. Alternatively you can receive and fill out the registration at the first meeting.

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Please make sure you have filled out the form correctly and downloaded documents #1 and #2. Afterwards, submit the on-line application by clicking on the "Submit application" button.

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